M-flex® Multifocal

M-flex Multifocal IOLs offer your presbyopic patient the chance of spectacle independence for distance, intermediate and near activities.

The M-flex IOL optics use multi-zoned refractive aspheric technology, with a choice of either +3.0 D or +4.0 D add for near visual acuity, equivalent to +2.25 D or +3.0 D respectively at the spectacle plane.

Unlike diffractive IOLs, which are associated with a significant loss of light transmission (typically 18 – 20%) resulting in a corresponding reduction in contrast sensitivity1, M-flex IOLs are associated with superior visual outcomes.

With M-flex Multifocal, the 360° Amon-Apple Enhanced Square Edge — a feature of Rayner primary IOL platform designed to reduce the incidence of PCO — is implemented on the posterior surface of the optic.

1. Claoué C. Clinical and Surgical Ophthalmology 2008; 26(6): 198-200.

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